Our hands are to make wine. Yours's are to raise a glass. And maybe this describes our friendship - we create for you, and you raise a glass for us!

We love our wine!

We make the wine that we love too! Fresh (with a sufficiently acidic taste) and saturated at the same time (we leave a small amount of natural sugar). We hardly add sulfites to it to preserve as much aroma and flavor as possible. In short, we seek maximum balance both in wine and in everything else.

  • Our land

    Our vines grow in the Sungurlar valley - such a unique place that during the times of socialism there was a special farm for obtaining and growing new varieties of grapes. The altitude at which we grow the grapes is 450 m above the sea level, higher than the rest of the terrain. All kinds of winds pass through the place. More wind - less disease on the vine. Minimum diseases - minimal processing and chemistry.

  • Our vineyard

    We specially selected and purchased planting material for our climate and soil, long before we planted the first seedlings. We have Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Grenache, Tamianka, Sauvignon Blanc, Assyrtiko and Moschofilero, varieties that we use for blends (which we love). The Greek varieties were planted experimentally. So let's evaluate our experiment together.

  • Our hands

    Ok, about our hands. Sometimes they hurt from work. Sometimes the fists clench from the inability to influence over the situations (for example hail and drought). But seriously, our hands both in the field and in the winery create a drink that we can say - it's WINE! These hands record data in the notebook, mill and press the grapes, wash and clean so that the wines are pleasant to drink.